Dagong puts the US on Negative Watch List

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  1. "The government lacks the willingness and measures to make debt repayments, it said, and the easing measures adopted in the last two years have led to long-term depreciation of existing debt, and losses to its creditors.

    The debt burden for the US federal government has risen by 11.7 percent in 2012, far more than the GDP growth during the same period of 3.4 percent and fiscal revenue of 6.2 percent. The debt balance will rise to 104.8 percent of its GDP by the end of this year.

    Dagong said the US economy may fall into a recession in 2013 and will remain sluggish in the long term, further dampening its debt repayment ability.

    Raising its debt scale and monetizing the debt have become long-term policies for the US, and the country's debt repayment ability declined, Dagong said. "

  2. Finally. Hope they put the SEC on "negative watch" too
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