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    Is there anyone here that is still not sure that Da Bears are the best team in football? Well, except Zzz. Da Bears raped Seattle tonight 37-6. They are now 2nd in the NFL in scoring!!!!! I never thought I would see the day. I always figured they would get to the Superbowl on good defense and good coaching. But now I know Rex will lead them there with his arm. The other 4-0 teams are Baltimore, who look like the Bears of last year with no offense. And then we have the Colts, with still no defense to be found anywhere. The only question now is what are the odds of a 15-1 season here?
  2. I got autograghs of nearly the entire 85 team while they were checking into the McKormick Place Hotel prior to the game vs Minn. They were all very nice except for Matt Suehy, total smartass, only guy who thought he was a celeb. Payton, Fridge, Ditka all were awesome. I think these 2006 Bears are going to the Superbowl. :cool:
  3. Ole Rex is an ex-FL Gator, of course.


    Go Gators! :cool:
  4. Translation--

    1) Grew up in a trailer park

    2) Has an IQ of 76

    3) Majored in "Arts and Crafts"

    4) Is a major bust in the NFL (QB's only).

    :D :D :D
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    You talking about Rex? I hope not!!!!!
  6. Sayyy Whaaaa???

    You ain't talking about Danny Wuerffel, or Wayne Peace (anybody remember him?), or gawd forbid, Steve Superier, are you?

    Never mind... :D
  7. I love watching a former OU Sooners play.

    Tommie Harris. Guy is an animal.

    Collinsworth hit the nail on the head.

    He plays every play like he going to potentially get cut.
  8. Unless some key players get taken down by injury these guys are going all the way. Defense is as always second to none and now we have a mix it up offense. I'll make it 14-2 season.
  9. Collinsworth - UF Gator. :cool:


  10. YAWWWWWNnnnnn...

    Guys....relax....It is Oct. 2nd and your QB has not played a full season since High School.....Good Start? Sure...but relax....they are a good team but no where near Super bowl caliber..
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