D VALUE AREA in Ninja trader Different from TPO Chart in Ninja

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    Hello and thanks for looking,
    I am planning to start trading based on Market Profiles VALUE AREAs. I basically just need to see what the Value Area low and Value Area high is for the previous day and then base my enter/exit based on where the market opens the next day.
    My problem is that a good TPO Chart for Ninja Trader costs $249 which is a little bit too pricy for me for just testing http://www.fin-alg.com/index.php/products/53-tpochart
    I found a plugin called dValueaArea for Ninja Trader for free.
    However, it gives me slightly different values than what my friend gets on his TPO Chart from FinAlg.
    For example what he gets are these:
    Value Area 3/6:
    VAHigh 1345.00
    VA Low: 1340.00
    POC: 1341.00
    What I get is:
    Value Area 3/6:
    VAHigh 1346.00
    VA Low: 1340.75
    POC: 1341.00

    They are slight different, unfortunately, and even one tick makes a big difference.
    Would anybody know how to set the dValuearea plugin so that I get the same values?
    Here are screenshots of available settings:
    this is what it looks like:

    thanks for the help!