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  1. In my search for wireless networking gear I came across this deal which seemed great until I noticed that the router was 'recertified'.

    So , to recertify or not to recertify. That is the question.

    I have the new PC with 512 memory, I'm looking for a deal on an Aeron chair and some LCD's (checked out the 191t's at BBY, sweet!)....this is all for my new home office in my lovely new townhouse.

    The wireless network will really only be used for surfing / daily charts for my homework etc.

    Lookig for the best value gear.

    Thoughts and reviews needed.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I've never bought anything from TigerDirect because the majority of comments I hear about buying from them aren't pleasant.

    BTW, you can help secure your wireless network by enabling WEP.
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    i would recommend a netgear router, either the MR314 or the MR814.

    With rebates and/or sales they can be about 60 or 70 dollars, new. I have the MR314 and it is very easy to use, and quite popular (second only to Linksys, I think), so finding help from other users is very easy.

    as for security i recommend turning on WEP and then setting up a MAC Address filter, which will allow only the computers you specify onto the network.

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    Unless uptik is talking about, a wirless card for public use (as there are many access points in major cities), I highly recommend Netgear, I've tried Linksys. My experience with Linksys was not good. Here's a few tips with Netgear:

    1) 128-bit WEP is the way to go, or you can simply change the SSID.

    2) Get 802.11b, I've been told that the predecessors are not as reliable, and come to close to cell and cordless phones. This interference will cause "packet loss", and you'll be blaming your ISP.

    3) Their customer svce is excellent. I've found that the calls are routed into India, and while it may be difficult to understand the reps broken English the guys are very helpful.

    4) For GREAT mobility, here's what I did: MR814 wireless router, Access Point (can't remember the model#, but it extends signal) which I put center of house. (pain in the butt to hardwire, but worth it), USB for wireless on desktop, and lastly PCMCIA for laptop. If you need serial numbers, PM me.

    5) The hardware firewall in the router is great, but I always use a software version as well. Wireless router companies are too flexible with info about the hardware router which makes it easier for someone to get inside. Software, I've found is much more flexible.

    6) While I'm not a tech person, I've spent alot of time fixing problems in home office with the advice of friends that are tech people.

    BTW, Netgear and Linksys cards (and virtually any wireless card) are cross compatible. You can use a Linksys card with a Netgear setup and vice versa. When I go to offices with wireless, all I need to do is config to the native setup.

    Good luck.
  6. i can do you just a little bit better..





    Q: anyone notice loss of throughput, packet loss, slower download etc with wireless routers?
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    I'm running a D-Link 713P which is the model 711 plus print server capabilities .. excellent product, just plug in, set up drivers and it has run flawlessly for over a year.

    That price "with" the wireless card after rebate looks very cheap.
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    longshot: very nice! good links.

    as for throughput, you should have no problem. i run my home desktop pc on wireless, 24/7. i can download things at about 350 kilobytes/second, which is maxing out my cable modem. latency, i think it will add approx. 5-10 milliseconds, which is negligible. (my game-playing performance hasn't suffered since adding 10 milliseconds to my ping. :) ) so, no problems since moving to wireless.

    i also use an apple ibook with built-in wifi and have occasionally used an ibm laptop with a pccard d-link wi-fi card with no problems.

  9. Thanks.

    From the feedback here and with some research I went and ordered the Netgear 814 router and the card for the laptop. It came to $106 + shipping.
    I should have it by the weekend. And will consult the tech gurus if I have any trouble with the install.

    That price is before the $20 mail-in rebate.
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    Thanks for the comments folks, I'm looking at doing the same here myself in the coming months.


    PS: Hey, do you mind if I rename this to a more basic, "wireless networking" title?
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