D.E Shaw

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  1. Does anyone here know anything about D.E Shaw - particularly their interviewing process.......have an interview soon. Thanks.
  2. I just read the book The Predictors, which has a fair amount about shaw. Apparently it's a premier quant shop.
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    The message board of the web site:


    have some info about D.E. Shaw. Unfortunately, Vault Message Board archives more than 60 days old are now restricted to registered members.
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    They lost a lot of money in 1998. In September 1998, they had about 1,000 employees globally. I doubt that they had more than 300 in September 1999. However, it is March 2003 now. Things may have changed a lot since then ..........

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  5. All the quant/relative value traders lost a lot in 98. Remember LTCM...