:D Boy brings mom's crack pipe to Missouri kindergarten show-and-tell

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  1. SWEET SPRINGS, Mo. • Officials at a small northwest Missouri elementary school say they were stunned when a kindergarten student brought his mom's crack pipe and some drugs for show-and-tell.
    KCTV reports that the boy showed the items on Sept. 6 at Sweet Springs Elementary School. School officials called police.
    The boy's 32-year-old mother was arrested and is charged with possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.
    Court records indicate that the teacher told police that the boy had the pipe and "several baggies of crack rocks." Officials say the drugs were worth about $3,700.
    A family friend told KCTV5 that the boy is being cared for by relatives.

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    I think that was IQ-47. So, we may not hear from him for a few days (or years). :D
  3. I wonder if artful dodger would have made this this thread if he knew it was actually meth,not crack.Meth tends to be used by white trailer thrash hillbillies like pspr's family


    Kindergarten student in Missouri brings mother's drug pipe and crystal meth to show and tell


    A kindergarten show-and-tell in Missouri took a lurid turn when a boy whipped out his mother's drug pipe and several baggies full of crystal meth.

    The unidentified boy brought the ounce of drugs, worth roughly $3,700, to the Sweet Springs Elementary School on Sept. 6, according to local KCTV-5.

    The students had been asked to bring "pictures of their family for show and tell," court documents said.

    Shocked school officials called the police about 8:30 a.m., and officers executing a search warrant found a crack pipe at the boy's home. His mother, 32-year-old Michelle Marie Cheatham, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment.

    The rocks brought in by the boy tested positive for methamphetamine.

    Police Chief Richard Downing told KCTV-5 that the incident marked a first in his law enforcement career.

    "When I called the prosecutor about it, they said, 'You're kidding me, aren't you?" Downing said.

    After posting $7,500 bail, Cheatham was hospitalized with complications from a previous gastrointestinal surgery, a friend told KCTV-5.

    The boy was being cared for by loved ones, the friend said.
  4. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/311743

    Kindergartner shows mother's drug pipe and crystal meth in school

    Sweet Springs - Here's a shocking show-and-tell session in a Missouri kindergarten class. A six-year old boy took his teacher's instructions to bring important family items into school too literally when he whipped out his mother's crack pipe and illegal drugs.
    Students at the Sweet Springs elementary school had been asked by their teacher to bring in important family items for a show and tell event. One six-tear old boy decided to bring that which was nearest and dearest to his mother - her crack pipe and several baggies filled with crystal meth. Court documents reveal the the drugs are worth about $3,700.

    Local KCTV-5 reports that worried and shocked school officials contacted the police who then executed a search warrant at the mother's home. Court records indicate that a search warrant was executed and a police dog named "Boomer" found a crack pipe. The mother, 32-year old Michelle Marie Cheatham was charged Monday, Sept. 12, with class C felony possession of a controlled substance and with class C felony endangering the welfare of a child.

    The Marshall Democrat-News reports that both charges include the same range of punishment. If convicted, Cheatham could face up to seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections or up to one year in the county jail and/or up to a $5,000 fine.
    The crystals that had been brought into school by the child tested positive for methamphetamine. Police Chief Richard Downing told KCTV-5 that the incident marked a first in his law enforcement career.

    The circumstances of the arrest have worried neighbors. One resident of the small town said,

    "That kind of makes you wonder why parents would leave something like that out for a child to get a hold of."
    A family friend says Cheatham's life took a downturn after her husband died earlier this year in a car crash and she received a large military pension. The pension enabled her to post the $7,500 bail, and she was then hospitalized because of complications from an earlier gastrointestinal surgery. The friend says the boy is now being cared for by loved ones.
    Cheatham is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, Sept. 28.
  5. Is that what went wrong with your mom's pregnancy when she was carrying you, welfare boy?
  6. Geez, you sure are obsessed with race and bashing white people. What made you become such a racist?? :confused:

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    It is odd considering whites are primarily the ones paying for his welfare checks.
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    The fact that the poor kid thinks this is normal is the saddest part...:( Lost youth before it got started is a travesty.
  9. Geez, you sure are obsessed with race and bashing black and hispanic people. What made you become such a racist?? :
  10. Taking a guess I would say about 10 % of my posts are race related and about 90 % of yours are
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