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  1. 20 by eod?

    how much did you buy at 9?
  2. lol, havent lost my touch have I. did you get long like me?



    was 14 and change when I posted, now 18. 15 minutes. lol, owned
  3. There was just a news thing on CNBC where they were saying there was something fishy about the IPO. I only caught the tail end of it so I'm not sure what they were saying, did anyone catch the entire thing?
  4. didnt you plugged in motu's get the word this was going to be goosed today?

    i got 5 emails tipping me off.

    this is the first call ive made here in months. another gigantic INSTANT winner.

    ask nitro how he;s doing.
  5. shumck, the whole trading float can be owned for 30 million. even Jack Hershey could manip this
  6. glad I sold in the 17's