CZ0-OZ0 going to $1.00 by Aug

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  1. Check out this seasonal chart.
  2. picture
  3. This is dec corn/dec oats by the way.
  4. Try speading Soy Oil and Soy Meal.
  5. What do you have in mind?
  6. Nice call!
  7. Can i just say im the man!
  8. Maybe be another sell...
  9. What are your thoughts on the Wheat/Corn (Sept) spread right now?
  10. i know im a few days later to reply to that question, but generally im bullish wheat vs everything until it show a sign of weakness. Ive been making money buying wheat early in the overnight and using just a 3 cent stop to see if its gonna work. Also made some doe bullspreading mwz/mwh at -15.4 over the last week and now it is trading -12.25 last (11:29 ct) . July was a tough trading in the grains my cz0-oz0 didnt play like i thought but I've been able to make it by being long flat price wheat a few times.
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