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  1. Catch that act?

    The n&##^^fication of everything has come home to roost.

    Being a slut = no shame.

    You assholes put up with it, so now it's part of the landscape.

    No prob here with X rated anything, but pushing it out there for 10 year olds is a problem.

    You guys with daughters, good luck.
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    So lets get this right a white girl behaves badly ,she is not responsible, her parents not responsible, the white producers not responsible - but the all powerful ghetto fabulous gang-bangers are.
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    I'll quote the comment from Roosh forum, which sums up the whole event extremely precisely:

    Miley Cyrus IS feminism. She is the living embodiment of a girl who has lived her entire life without any kind of boundaries. She is free to do whatever she wants.

    And apparently all she wants is to act like a complete whore.

    That entire performance was tragically embarrassing, not only for her but for our culture. Is this really what we've become? Is this the best we can do? Is this the culture we deserve? Her performance did not even involve the slightest pretense of artistic expression. It was pure trash from start to end. Terrible singing. No choreographed dancing, just a bunch of improvised pelvis thrusts and twerks. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I've seen higher artistic sentiment expressed in a pole dance. This is why the female nature must be, and historically has always been kept in check through strict social norms and laws. The ancients understood that letting women run wild would result in spectacles like this and would drag the entire society into the gutter.

    The most horrifying thing is that millions of girls look up to her as a role model. And we've allowed this to happen. We've allowed complete trash like this to pervade our culture and poison the minds of vulnerable young people whose thoughts and opinions can be easily swayed by the images they see portrayed in mass media. In a healthy American society, this girl's career would be over after a stunt like that. Every right-thinking person would be utterly appalled by it, and would refuse to associate with her whatsoever due to the power of social shame. Instead, she is now "trending" as a hot topic, and her career prospects will only be enhanced, because in our degenerate society, the only thing that matters is fame itself, not the method by which you acquired the fame.

    This cannot continue, and it will not, one way or another. We are currently living through "peak feminism". It's a conflagration with an inherently limited lifespan, because eventually it gets so out of control it burns up everything in its path and is left with no more fuel to sustain itself. The only question is whether today's peak feminism will be replaced by a return to traditional American culture that limits women mostly through the power of social norms and shaming, or if the modern American feminist, so drunk off power and emboldened with her unlimited sexual freedom is ironically setting the stage for her granddaughters to be bound by the strict chains of Islamic Sharia Law. For all the numerous faults of Muslim culture, it at least has no qualms about keeping its women in check, which is the single reason it continues to spread unabated while the West declines, morally, demographically and by pretty much every other metric you can measure by.

    Who would have guessed that young Hannah Montana would grow up to be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?
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    No shit. Glad I have no daughters.

    Get thee to a nunnery!
  5. Yes, good post there about the ancients.

    They knew more about human psychology than all the imbecile posers we have now put together.


    And throw away the key.
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    Good stuff.

    My first thought when I saw the video. "I guess this is what you do when you have no real talent".
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    First off, Cyrus wants it from behind in the worst way, problem is, i dont know which hole.
    As for the guetto, we dont like the irresponsible behavior of having millions of babies before they are 20 and black guys fathering 20 kids with 20 different women. That seems to be their culture and no black leader steps up to the plate in order to stop that nonsense.
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    Does it matter?
  9. It's a defense against genocide by whitey.

    Don't you read your histories, homey?
  10. Look up "Skank" in the dictionary. Most newer editions have a picture of her there...
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