Cyprus deal 40% haircut

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  1. Wow, they are really going to T off the wrong crowd. 40% haircut on depositors holding more then $130k. Supposedly reported by Agence France Presse, not sure how credible the numbers are.
  2. Bob111



    depositors of laiki bank -40%. bank of cyprus-20%, rest of the banks-deposits over 100K -4%

    less than 100K-nothing.

    Japan stocks jump after reports of Cyprus deal
  3. clacy


    This is going to end badly
  4. achilles28


    Another handout for the bankers.
  5. Bob111


    i'm not sure wtf is going on. one of the possible outcomes been mentioned is pre WW2 situation(USA!USA!)
    with idea is that the history will repeat itself..
    when there is a mess everywhere(japan,europe)-money will flow into US ! yuppie!

    one problem-(imo) at this point of the game-US doesn't really need any money from outside. Benny and Co can print whatever the f*** they want.
  6. dealmaker


    Bankers always win, otherwise how can you explain Jon Corzine not being in jail...
  7. achilles28


    It's time they lose. Fuck them. Iceland did the right thing.

    The whole system is corrupted by these bitches.
  8. clacy


    Foreign money flowing into the US > Printing
  9. hftvol


    How do you conclude that from the deal? I find your conclusion bizarre given that all insured accounts < 100k EUR were left untouched. Aside the fact that there were certain individuals "in-the-know" and moved billions out of the country a week before the issue surfaced, I would say the deal cuts deepest into the pockets of Russians and the wealthy. Maybe you wanna think before you come out with your comical comments.

  10. clacy


    You guys are blaming the wrong group of people for the economic nightmare that is unfolding.
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