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    Just started with these guys, up and running and trading. Very good service low commisions, good chat room.

    OMS stop system is great!
  2. same here. whend u join? whats ur chat room id. 3 yrs for me
  3. I am with them as well, they seem to enjoy what they do.
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    Hmm... Been watching this firm for awhile. I want to join but im a newb
  5. Do they require a seire 7
    how much are you,ll paying in commision,s per 100 shares
    how much BP do you have
    Do you get your profit,s or cheque on time
    Is there a Software fess
  6. looks like a bit of spam....ula

    Hi Guys-

    FYI- These guys don't require a Series 7.

    I reviewed there applications - it was a real thick stack of papers.


    1- There agreement says that the intial $5k deposit is in fact a "training fee" that is "completely at the discretion of the CeO to return". Has any body gotten there deposit back, in time?

    2- Are they good about issuing the profit checks on time?

    3- What are there commissions, charges, etc?

    4- Can one setup an automatic day total dollar loss for risk management purposes? (E.g. if I lose $500 in a day there software will lock all trading and clear all my positions automatically for the day)

    5- Do you recommend them?

    Any other helpful info?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I also plan to join after the holydays
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    you seem like you are too enthusiastic on Cy

    either you are a total newbie or for some reason you are trying to upsell Cy

    I've been trading with Cy for about 6 months.

    In response to general questions (FWIW)

    I received my profit checks promptly
    (when i am profitable)

    no hidden fees that I've experienced unlike at other firm I was with.

    no software fees , but I do get billed for data fees.
  10. I traded there but all those low fees were a lie...when i got my month end settlement they charged me floor fees, desk fees , software fees, bagel fees, and took almost all my profit!! watch these bagel boys!:mad: :mad:
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