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    STEERAM Guest

    Anyone trade with them or heard things good or bad?
  2. promagma


    Yes they are good, do a search for Cy.

    I have been with them for 5 months now .... the Laser software is better than most, good community / chat room, no nonsense with the fees and withdrawal policy, commissions are so-so. Risk control is a little tight for my preference, I want the option to lose 10% of my account in one day.
  3. Beast84


    I am with Cygroup. They are pretty solid. They guys who run it trade daily in the chat rooms and you can talk to them. Better than most prop shops
  4. whats the minimum deposit? what kind of bp do they offer?
  5. moherron


    5k Minimum and 20 to 1 leverage they generously waive your software fee which is good to me, im in the process of setting up my account with them hopefully everything goes smooth, they seem pretty nice, we will see though after a couple of weeks of actually trading with them lol.