Cygnus E Transactions (CYGT) and Sykes/Cilantro Demise

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  1. Sykes went long on this pink-sheet crap in his "Short-biased" fund, and had huge losses on this one position. He lost his poor investors tons of money. Down -36% since Jan2006 with continuously poor judgement and bad investment decisions.

    Is Sykes the kind of manager we would trust with our money?

    Does anyone need his book to learn how a poor money manager he really is.....he has already convinced us!
  2. Buddy, I didn't write the book to try to raise capital--I wrote it to entertain and educate.
  3. OK, thats cool. You don't need that book money.

    Lets see you pay back the losses to your poor investors with any book profits. There are former investors who left your "Fund" with large losses and they will be very happy to get a refund for your bad money management.
  4. I'll definitely try to pay back my investors, the largest of whom is me!
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    If I could buy stock in Tim Sykes, I would do it.
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    Tim, since completing the book does your Funds losing long position in Cygnus E Transactions (CYGT) still account for your poor performance? (Don't refer us to your book; need to know about why you still lose money AFTER book completion)

    Seems like the bleeding from that one very bad trade should be over now?
  7. Maybe Timmy is not a master trader. However, he sure knows how to spin his success or lack of to the public/ big entertainment heads. So far he's gotten a show (Wall Street Warriors), a book, and a spot on one of the money show (forgot which one). I see his future in entertainment. He is not super cute, but the smile and personality is there. If he can milk the entertainment system then more power to him. Look at Cramer, he acts like a crazy lunatic and because of that has a show. Timmy could get the same. He would attract a younger less market savy viewers. Like I said before, stranger things have happened in the entertainment industry and who has ever accused hollywood of producing high quality programming?

  8. I kind of agree. So his fund lost money on a position. Big deal - lots of hedge funds lose money on lots of positions. Recently some funds previously thought immune have lost big.

    If a person doesn't want to read his book, no one is forcing them to. So stop griping. It is not a crime to self promote (I wish I was better at it). In fact, promotion in some form or another is a big part of capitalism.
  9. Are you implying that Cramer attracts a market savvy crowd? :confused:
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    OK, i guess your are correct. Tim is not able to discuss trading in any serious way because he is not a good trader. He and Cramer have a lot in common....
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