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  1. The place to be.

    Can you say F, GM, NEM, or USX?
  2. dgmodel

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    there are so many better plays than that within the cyclicals IMO...
  3. I guess a TRIPLE in USX since April isn't that big of a deal, eh?


  4. Pabst


    The last time Steel tripled they were yelling "crucify him!"
  5. dgmodel

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    and how much did you make from that??? im going to venture off and say $0... or nothing worth speaking about... where were you in april predicting this or even mentioning it??? more importantly i still feel there are some better ones out there, which STILL have have potential to go higher...


  6. Please don't keep us waiting with YOUR recommendations, no?

    You come on this thread and state that there are BETTER cyclical plays, yet you offer nothing.

    Absolutely Zero.

  7. dgmodel

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    why should i post my picks when you already told me that these are the place to be... why would you care??? you obviously done your homework, so you had to of researched what im looking at as well since its in the same sector...

    please... listen i hope your picks make/made you a fortune... happy holidays and hope you have a prosperous and profitable new year...