Cyclical baggers

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  1. Each year, there are stocks that swing up and down in multiples.

    Here are some stocks that I have seen to move up and down in multiples each year reliably.

    Im seeking more stocks that swing up and down so please feel free to add to this thread with your own cyclical baggers.

    BRLC- 6 months before Christmas it makes a notable low and then moves up on holiday hype. This year doesnt seem to be different then the last and with Cramer/Barrons on top of it, it should make a low at 3.5.

    NILE- This stock has me a little puzzled this year. Usually it reaches a notable low 6 months before Christmas and then rides back up like BRLC. Then after Christmas and Valentine's Day it cruises back down. I believe there were a lot of shorts trying to fade the swing on NILE this year and got caught up in it.

    IPII- Chart says it all. Right before hurricane season it reaches a low and then starts gapping up sometimes doubling its price in the process.

    HAUP- This is my favorite cyclical bagger. When it hits 2-3 then its time to get in. Then at some point right before Christmas it starts gapping up huge. It went up 400% last year and now its on the way down again after

    Its your turn now, please add to the thread.
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    jblu- makes a nice run up during holiday times and januray. Since its only in $10 dollar range its good for a 30-50% gain.
  3. VLO before summer.
  4. VLO before summer.
  5. Buy Low - Sell High. Again and Again.