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  1. Anyone else big into these? I've met two guys on here who are great with them. Just wondering who else uses them.

    Would be nice to start a thread.

    Been doing some stuff with the moon and breakdowns of the cycles. I don't trade based on them yet but always nice to see something new.

    Hope this is a top in this range (today or tomorrow). Would coincide nicely with what i've been working on.
  2. Bump futures -9....this could be it for the next few days (weeks). Moon is my baby :)
  3. Moon influence these things a lot. That's for sure.
    I also think (not only moon-based opinion) that this is it until April 29th or so...
  4. I really do not know what to think of cycles. Maybe I am entertaining myself by writing computer programs.

    I write computer programs to analyze price value cycles. Attached is the output from one of my programs using daily Standard And Poors Index Tracking Stock symbol SPY price values beginning 29 January 1993 ending 13 April 2009. I notice the 30 day entry 120 day exit 0 days offset parameter set shows the greatest number of points totaled (238.85) and neighboring values are greater than 50 points. Maybe there is an optimum cycle at 30 day entry 120 day exit 0 days offset. If that is true then I calculate we are 31 days into the cycle. The buy signal is at 30 days, the sell signal appears 120 days later.

    So 9 April 2009 is a cycle buying day.

    It might be fun to monitor this and notice what happens.
  5. I organized the SPY cycle data into a spreadsheet.
  6. who are the two guys great at using cycles?

  7. If that's the case then it'd be an inverse cycle....usually making a stronger bearish case
  8. Most of my life has been spent programming price and volatility cycles - when I wasn’t working in IT. Now that I’m retired I have developed fully automated cycle trading systems and a complete set of cycle indicators. It was far more complicated topic than people understand. I attached an example of today’s 1 minute cycles for the $INDU about 3 P.M as an example of what I'm into. I'm interested in what others have, in general, developed (that doesn't give away their edge).