Cycles are Pointing to a Potential Crash

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  1. Multiple forecasting cycles that I use have been heading down for the majority of February. The 12 year cycle, 1 year and 6 month cycles are all persisting lower. However, prices have continued to drift up against these cycles. In the past when prices have diverged against these cycles the result is usually a rapid "catch up" to the cycle bottom where a crash is the result. The same thing happened last summer with the August crash. I think there is a very strong chance of a pending crash in equities.

    The 1 year cycle just turned lower again on February 15th.

    Here is the 1 year cycle (blue) vs. the Dow (black).

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    There are some fundamental reasons to think that we might have some major problems in the second quarter. Time will tell...
  3. Explain
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    It's about the US's reserve currency advantage, it is slipping and it could be gone soon.. i think that is what the cyclical market prediction is showing as being priced in already..
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  6. Yeah, people should start shorting the market.

    But, they should sell first.
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    Exactly, Steve :D
    They did sell DIA quite well @$120 area;
    but thats Up trending support now:cool: Not a prediction, or a crash prediction, they like to sell @ $141.14?+/ area also...:D
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    we're in a sucker rally, it's all fueled by the flooding of the world's economy by the printing of currency.. when that doesn't work any more, mudslide!!
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    Printing works pretty well.... until it doesn't and in that case it gets very ugly.