Cycle Trendlines/Channels Are The Primary Market Timing Consideration

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by JoeF_Rocks, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Unless you understand what a market's cycle trendlines/channels are you can't consistently (key word) time it. For example, HUI, NEM, and the XAU have been in a very long term upcycle since late 2000, a long term upcycle since May 10, 2004, and a major intermediate term upcycle since May 16, 2005. Those cycles are by far the most important thing to know about gold/silver stocks. Every other market timing tool/indicator is secondary to cycle trendlines/channels. Any thoughts?
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    I used to trade Forex binary option derivatives via the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX) based on the 24-hour market cycle. But now that I’m trading the foreign currency pairs directly through OANDA, my focus has switched to shorter-term cycles that play off of very specific moving averages.

    This enables me to profit from both buying and selling throughout the day rather than pick a position-/swing trade-based target and then hope that price eventually reaches it. In fact, cycle trend lines and channels are the only indicators I use (aside from a proprietary oscillator derived from those very same cycle trend lines and channels).


    I’m hoping to pick up a handful of pips by shorting USDJPY based on the above principles, but I’ll have to wait to see whether or not this works out since it is not merely a matter of price oscillation—but rather—how time of day, trend direction, average price range, past levels of support/resistance, and typical price patterns all relate to and interact with one another.