Cycle chart for gbp/usd

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    Cycle analysis chart for gbp.usd. Also works for eur/usd. Invert cycle for usd/chf. These cycles are determined from historical data. Repeating highs and lows have been found that corresponed to certain multiple's of lunar months. The highs and lows marked at the top of the chart are averages of observing this on historical charts. Sometimes turn points come early, sometimes late. It is not perfect but could be an aid to trading. Always wait for confirmation of a turn before entering a position.

    Sorry having problems with attachment.

    Good quality chart can be viewed on forum.
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    Cycle chart for this thread. Having some problems attaching, so I am trying this again.
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    The above chart attachment turned out good, so I am deleting the other thread.

    Note that the time on the chart is GMT time.
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    Here is an updated chart. Price hung around the #4 high for quite a while before the quick down move to the 5 low. Looking for confirmation of the 5 low to trade long to the 6 high.