Cycle chart for gbp/usd... again

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    Lets try the attachment now for this cycle chart for gbp/usd.

    Expected cycle highs and lows for Aug.10-13, GMT time.

    Sorry for poor quality. Due to small file size allowed.
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    If cycles were as simple as 5 unit up - 5 unit down... everyone would make money...

    You have a lot to study about cycles. Read some books about Fourier Analysis.

    Just a little advice from another cycle guy.
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    There is a better chart on the other thread of mine. I am not being allowed to delete this thread.
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    Hello WD Gann,
    I think you misunderstand my brief explaination on the other thread. The cycles I have plotted are nonsymetrical cycles, meaning they are not all the same distance apart.
    There is a certain period of time based on certain multiples of lunar months (which I will not reveal) where the cycle starts over again repeating what happened in the past. In other words, there is a fixed number of turn points in each complete period or series. Lets say there are 100 turn points in this complete cycle period. Once turn point 100 is reached it then goes back and starts over at #1 turn point. The portion of the cycle displayed on this chart will repeat at some future time.
    What I do is compare multiple series of the complete cycle period and average the times of the highs and lows giving these results, of which a portion is displayed on the chart posted here. Because these are averages, sometimes a high or low comes early or late. I sure wish it was more accurate, but I don't know how to make it so. Russ.