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  1. Hi all,
    First off let me say I am in no way associated with cyborg trading other then the fact that I use their software. For you who do use it, I am sure that you have had an idea that you would like to see added into the software, but figured you are the only one so you didn't mention it to someone at Cyborg. So I figured I would start this thread and allow users to give their input and perhaps we can decide what we would like to see as a group and then approach them and see if they could add it. I am sure some of the Cyborg guys visit elite, so hopefully they will chime in from time to time. Anyway I'll be back sometime this weekend with a couple ideas to get the party started.
  2. punter


    percentage based entries. they got percentage stops and profits.

    time in force that supports pre post market activity.

    reasons: percentage entries, why not; good things come in threes....

    TIF: no, its not to be uber fast and catch a release/number...thats fucking retarded for me to try on my comcast connection that barely stays up. Its just after hours trading is a lot cleaner than intraday, but once an earnings settles down, takes a while for a move to develop. i'd rather not have to sit and watch a stock worried if i'm going to do my ass in the aftermarket because i had to wait 30 mins for a stock to follow through.

    nothing fancy.

    only crazy bs/function i would like is ability to replenish countertrend after trailing profits back...goes offside, trail back, somehow knows to rebid the level you had originally despite the fact that the level you originally bid is trading above the nbbo now on a long.

    same as the ability to manually interfere with a countertrend that is either at the level you bid or went offside and not have your manual order act as a stop on the allocation. if you are replenishing a level right now, and you manually interfere onside, it will repost your order. but not if you post at the level or offside, which current acts as a stop in the allocation.
  3. punter


    also, with simulator, nothing crazy. something simple like:

    ability to export cymborg blotter executions into excel would be nice. only Rainman can remember/forward test ideas without the ability to save a list of executions done.

    of course if they built some crazy performance analyzer into cymborg that calculated 'how good/well' allocations did based on some also crazy requests/parameters, that would be nice...but for now a simple export data would be sick. (the max unreal profit/realize profit is a pretty cool thing they have in there btw. simple, but useful)
  4. with cyborg can i submit a basket of limit orders with attached "one-cancel-all" (OCA) attributes so that only one order in the batch is executed and the rest are canceled? i know that this can be done directly in TWS with IB. can it be done via Cyborg linked to Sterling for example?
  5. Dustin


    +1 for percentage based entries. I formally requested it a couple months ago fwiw.
  6. Bootsie


    How about running algo's on stocks < $1....
  7. punter


    are you inferring that cyborg cannot base its allocations at a fraction of a penny in stocks where this is allowed (under a dollar)

    i am aware that using the spreader to bid/offer the spread market on their ladder creates some issues when using order types like UBSPASS that create sub penny fills, but i have honestly not tried to run/create an allocation on stocks that allow outright placing of sub penny limit orders...i'm kind of curious what would happen if allocations were based on percentage. i'll try this out tmmrw to see if what you are referring to is in fact a limitation...although i will admit that even if it is, this is a very, very small portion of not only their trading audience, but of tradeable products in general.
  8. Dustin


    They don't allow orders to be sent on sub $1 stocks...nothing to do with fractional cents.
  9. I had a couple suggestions, first with the use of trade-ideas they should have a feature that allows you to select how many open positions you can have at one time per window not max trades.

    Also, if there was some way to combine both the time stops and the regular trailing stops. For example you can set a time stop and a normal trailing stop and then tell cyborg to use the stop that gives you the most room, or less room.

    The last thing I would like to see is a time stop. So you can set you have everything get flat at 5 minutes to the close or something like that.

    Well that is all for now, as I use the software more, I will update the thread, hopefully the other users jump in on here.
  10. could a list of stocks be populated from .csv file instead of selecting them manually via a filter?
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