Cyborg like conditional execution

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by ArbTdr, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. ArbTdr


    I trade using Ninja and looking for conditional order execution, similar to cyborg functionality.
  2. not familiar with cyborg.

    order execution can only be conditional based on the order types supported by the exchange (and broker/clearing) you're executing through (eg stop/limit conditional on price, time for IOC orders, etc for other custom types).

    if you mean making an order entry/send conditional on other things, pretty much every platform supports this.
  3. ofthomas


    cyborg is one of the best order management software that I have personally used... I have not found anything else with similar functionality, but that is just me...

    I know that CQGIC also has similar algo's for order management and execution, because I use them as well... but the limitation of CQGIC is that is primarily futures and spreads...

    the funny thing is that you can use cyborg (well, Embium really) with CQG data feed as well...

    anyhow, I am a fan of cyborn.... you will find it hard to find a replacement...
  4. ah, you mean like once you generate a entry order than using an algo to update the price of the order.

    you can do that in most platforms, if you understand the algos you are using.