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  1. JPT


    I am trying to find 'unbiased' info on Cybertrading University online courses and DVD's. Has anyone taken the course or seen the DVD's? I have only found one link on ET but there were only one or two responses. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    (if there are other links on ET regarding CTU please forward - thanks)
  2. bigpapi


    In brief, before the avalanche of hate posts begin, you must learn the psychology of trading first, before you even think of trading. Read the following:

    Jack Schwager - Stock Market Wizards

    Mark Douglas - Trading In The Zone

    van K. Tharp - Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom


    Roger Lowenstein - When Genius Failed - The Rise and Fall of LTCM

    William J O'neil - How To Make Money In Stocks

    Michael Covel - Trend Following

    Any place you go to learn is pretty much the same, they'll teach you trend lines, fibs, blah blah blah, but in their own words. No-one holds the key to the market, it's all in your head, thats why you need to learn psychology.

    Best of luck let us know how it turns out!
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    I have been daytrading equities for a number of years, but in the near future I will need to change the time frame that I trade. I will only be able to trade the first few hours of the open and am looking for input on strategies for this time period. From what I have seen and read of CTU, Fausto seems to favor the open and almost a scalping style... something of which I know nothing about as my current trading style involves trades that develop later in the day with longer hold periods (up to three hours). I do not mind paying for strategy assistance from companies such as this in one easy transaction instead of spending the next few months starting from scratch with my own development.

    I would prefer that this post stay mainly as a review of CTU, but any other input into my situation would be welcome.
  4. EliteEd


    I signed up for the online course a couple of years ago. The initial webinar was free. I then negotiated a half price offer for the next level course, which I believe was the intermediate course. You had the ability to retake the courses anytime they were offered for no additional charge. I'm not sure about how the DVD's work.....I don't believe they had them then.

    My reason for taking the course was to learn about Level II trading and how it worked. The course did do that. However, like many other courses offered on the internet......they usually offer a little bit of learning with alot of marketing. Every one of his courses seems designed to get you to sign up for the next level (which I did not). Fausto would refer to important trading information or techniques....."that will be covered in our more advanced course".

    Decide what you expect to learn, and how much you're willing to pay for it. You can most likely find the same information cheaper elsewhere. If you do enroll, expect to be bombarded with information and incentives for enrolling in their more advanced (and more expensive) courses. No matter what you do.....don't expect any of these online courses to make you a consistantly profitable trader. It takes alot more than a few webinars or even a few months of education to be consistantly profitable.

    Just my opinion.
  5. JPT-How did you get on with CTU?
  6. JPT


    I never did take the course. I had called for more info and was really given no information about what I was asking but instead was being SOLD on more expensive courses and also on their prop firm... it really pushed me away from ever wanting to do anything with this company.
  7. OK thanks for your response.