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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bentnose, Dec 4, 2003.

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    Hi everyone, I have been using this product in demo mode for almost a year besides paper trading. I am almost at the point where I feel comfortable moving over into real trading. My questions are about the data they provide as actual delayed market data. Is this true or is it skewed data designed to convince beginning traders like me to rush to open a trade account? ;)

    How are executions through ISLND while real trading? It’s been real buggy, and I have to frequently cancel buy or sell orders as they hang up in the queue. No charge for those cancels but bad side effects as your palm sweats up because I treat this like the real deal. ;)

    I really like the interface and the flexibility to adapt to complex or simple trade styles.
    I just use 56K dialup right now and am impressed how quick it executes. I intend on moving up to cable when I really dive in. I used to trade sparsely through Datek. I hated that sluggish java interface!
    I happen to be a realist though and am prepared to hear the naked truth about this product so fire away!!

    Thanks you,

  2. They used to just use the previous days data, however when I demo'd it the fills were somewhat unrealistic in fast markets, pretty accurate in normal conditions.

    They are supposed to rolling out a newer version in Feb where I an others have submitted a ton of suggestions. Not sure of the date. They had a really large booth at the expo last month and seem to have it together pretty well IMO.
  3. Isn't demo (simulator) trading is what papertrading?:confused:
  4. Your PC and vendor Data will not lag for Demo during
    Bussy market time, but i real mode it will, does not makes
    differnet even if delayed data is real, you never come to know
    until you trade for real


    † The Simulator provides access to day-old or otherwise delayed securities market data and may enable you to simulate securities trading order entry and routing. You must not determine the success rate of a trading strategy based on Simulator performance. Orders are filled randomly, with no regard to price, so the fill rates have no resemblance to those you might experience in a live market environment. Only use the Simulator for learning the mechanics of the Software Product.

    Stock symbols shown here are for illustrative purposes only. CyberTrader, its parent, and/or its employees and/or directors may have positions in securities referenced herein, and may, as principal or agent, buy from or sell to clients.
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    Thanks people for your good opinions.

    Yes I know simulated trading is "paper trading" but I do both using the software and carrying around with me at work little scrapes of paper to "paper trade" .

    They are excel spreadsheets printed out with just the grids and columns. When I have a chance to log into the Internet I check how my picks are doing.:)


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    bentnose-I admire your disciplined approach. Island is virtually instant if you are the first one there. If you are trying to scalp-- demo trading was never like real trading in any of the demos I tried. I remember after years of trading when I switched my account to assent while waiting a few hours to get my account activated I made 3500 on hammer in an hour. I have not made close to that much in a day since. (trading stocks) (I did in 2000 on before but that was a different era).

    However if anyone knows a spread betting type bucket shop that will give me instant fills let me know.

    For position trading on all but say ceco and coco today your fills should have been reasonably accurate.