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  1. bizeditor


    I'm new to day trading and recently set up a Cybertrader account. In reading these posts, I see little reference to Cyber-Corp., suggesting that it is not a "system of choice" among experienced traders. I'm now wondering if I made a poor selection in picking a system and would appreciate any feedback as to whether or not I should switch to a different platform.
  2. Dustin


    If you're new to daytrading the slight differences between Cyber and other platforms will not affect your trading. A year down the road you will have the experience necessary to decide if it is right for you. I've been with Cyber for some time now and my only complaint is occasional data problems.

    There was a huge thread on Cyber in the past:

    (some of the info in that link is outdated now but it's worth reading over)
  3. Jetboy

    I used cyberx2 for a couple of years with no problems. You have to use a connection faster than 56k, this is where most problems arise. When your first starting out, you want to have access to plenty of help via telephone, cybercorp has good customer service.


  4. jetboy,

    i have been using cyber for about 1 year now.. i use the cyberx2 software and Qcharts/Ravenquote.. my biggest compliant with cyber is that their level 2 data doesnt always show all of the participants.. BTRD is the most often one that is left out.. when cybercorp switched to cybertrader they they put me in a "priority access" group which is supposedly for high volume traders.. now if i ever have a stuck order, question, problem with the data or whatever i can just click on the send message button and someone is there to handle it for me immediately.. even when the selectnet system went down a few weeks back and everything was crazy they still answered my message and took care of my problem.. one tip with cyber though.. watch out for ecn fees, those things can get really expensive.. arca, btrd, and brut are all .005 a share.. inca is .015.. but redi is only .002, which is what i use to scoop shares from the other ecns.. Cyber is the only direct access firm that i have used with the exception of MyTrack (which is a POS), so i couldnt comment on how it compares to other firms..

    good trading

  5. I really like cyber. Commish gets rough when you start doin a few mil shares a month though. Get in their priority access group though. Those guys are amazing at fixing all problems fast.
  6. MGB


    I use CyberTrader Pro. I love their Smart Market, Smart Limit, CyberExchange Market and CyberExchange Limit execution methods.

    I'm learning to analyze chart patterns and when to execute (buy/sell) so I don't want to preoccupy my time figuring out which execution path to take (for example, Direct Island ECN orders). So I rely on Smart Market and Smart Limit to do it for me.

    Later on, I plan to get RavenQuote for its' charting and programming features.

  7. One of my 3 brokers is Cyber. I like Cyber because of its visually appealing design, which makes trading feel like fun... the way it should be! Also, for hardcore screening of real-time time situations, CyberQuant does a remarkable job of homing in on stocks that correspond with your trading personality.

    On the downside, I wouldn't recommend Cyber if you are trading small lots (anything under 1000 shares in my opinion)... commissions will probably kill your account if you do.