CyberTrader vs Tradestation

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    I am now thinking about opening my account with one of these brokers. Now I have already my primary acc with IB. This second account will be used for another strategies etc.

    I do swing / position trades, so I do not expect very frequent trade activity on this account.

    I expect to trade equities only, long/short.

    Could users of these brokers tell me something about them to help me in my selection ?

    Thank you very much in advance

  2. Surdo


    If you are a technician, TS has far superior charts.
  3. You will not find better or more helpful customer service than Cyber. TS is and has always been a horror. Cyber is owned by Schwab, so there is an additional comfort factor.

    If you want to try system trading, extensive backtesting or feel the need for complicated charts with redundant and useless indicators, then TS is preferable.
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    Howdy, if you do not meet the minimum trade activities they will both charge you monthly fees, more so for CyberTrader than TS. If you were a swing/position trader, I'd look else where.

    Happy trading :)
  5. I have IB for primary account and TS for charting plus minimal trading.
    I don't know Cyber, but I'm happy with my choice.

    TS doesn't get a good score from me as a broker, but as for technical analysis, it's second to none.
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    TS as of late has had a HUGE number of technical problems, glitches, server woes, and persistent poor customer service, especially in the fact that they are always entirely unwilling to tell you approximately how long they expect it to be until a problem is resolved. The charting, strategy testing ability, and ease of writing your own indicators, or changing canned ones is very good though. If you're willing to accept the downside up front, TS will work for you, if you expect the service to change, it won't... it's been like that for years now, and only getting worse as their customer base increases.
  7. TS has stability issues with new versions. I waited 3 month using 8.0 until I upgraded to 8.1 and I didn't experience any of the issues you mention (I was well aware of them though)

    I don't like TS customer service as well, but you cannot expect any broker to tell you when a S/W problem will be fixed.
    If you use TS for charting, your interaction with customer service will be limited.
  8. For those of you who use IB for execution and Tradestation for charting, do you have to pay for two complete sets of market data?
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    Not really, IB quotes are free but limited as to the number of issues.
  10. OptionsWizard,

    Would you please elaborate on your lack of giving a good score on the broker side? What issues specifically did you encounter? Anyone else please feel free to chime in.

    I'll be finding out for myself also, as I just opened an account and funded it today. Will be taking some trades in the next few days. This is a futures only account.

    Thanks in Advance!

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