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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by sasha1, Sep 29, 2001.

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    I have experienced a server connectivity issue with Cybertrader Pro platform in the last two days. Their server kicks me off every 1/2 hour or so. I spoke to Cyber - they blamed my DSL provider and said that I have an intermittent connectivity issue with my internet. My DSL connection is working absolutely fine right now. I spoke to my DSL provider who were completely puzzled by this. I have also tried to connect though AOL and I swiched to a laptop as an alternative. Still no luck connecting. I lost about $7,000 in profits because of this issue in the last two days. As soon as I find out whether it is my DSL provider or Cyber who is responsible, the sh*t will hit the fan.

    Can anybody please confirm whether they had experienced this problem in the past or in the last couple of days. Basically, I stay connected for about 1/2 hour and then I get a message saying "error connecting to server". Afterwards I cannot log back in for 30min-1hour.

    I know that Schwab fired a lot of their staff lately, perhaps this problem is somehow related to that?

    Thanks for your comments guys.

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    I had a virtually identical issue with CyberTrader back in January. CyberCorp always claimed that it was my DSL provider, even though their server kicked me off again and again.

    For me it proved informative to run a traceRT (they also have one they provide on their web site). I found that the real problem was between UUNET and SprintNET at some node in DC. No one wanted to take responsibility, so since the glitches always was a my expense, it was a heavy factor in deciding to close out my account (commision structure was the other).

    I always felt, that since I have streaming data coming from other source without any problems, that the issue had to be somewhere is CyberCorps network or network provider. Difficult to prove and I could be wrong on this.
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    I did try to ping their server with no luck. I haven't tried to run tracert yet, but I will. As far as using their testing site - when CyberPro bumps me off - their test site page simply crashes. Mind you, my internet browser, other quote feeds and news feeds are running fine at the same time.

    The commission cost is also an issue. But I tend to rely heavily on their "1 commision during 2 min window" commission policy. That seems to work out for me at less than 1cent per share, so far. Unless there are other brokers out there who have such a deal or who can offer similar commissions I would hesitate to leave. BUT I WILL leave if the connectivity issue is not resolved.

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    This used to be a common problem during '98-00 but these days I very rarely get kicked off Cyber. It seems that Cyber's new problem is keeping ECN's available. Everyday one or two ECNs stop working...not sure where the blame lies there though.

    Try that tracert on Cyber's support page...that should show you exactly where the problem is.
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    Can you explain how running tracert would solve the issue?
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    It wouldn't solve the issue, but at least you would know if it was your DSL provider or Cyber. For example if you get booted from Cyber and the tracert says everythings OK then you know it's on Cyber's end.
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    I tried to run the tests on the test page when I was having problems. Sometimes I could not even access that page or it would crash on me. At the same time I had a perfect internet connection to other websites and my quotes and news software were running fine. What do you suggest is the problem if I cannot ping or run tracert to Cybercorp? You think it is my DSL or Cyber?

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    Also, does anyone know a broker other than Cyber that has a similar "1 commission within 2 minute execution" commission schedule? This seems to be working out fine for me right now and seems to keep the commission costs fairly low.
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    Sasha I run cyber through cable and dsl on 2 different computers--my comments echo Dustin's--couple days ago they did cut us all off once mid-day-I know because I trade in a room and we all went down same time but were able to come right back. Other than that I've had no shut down problems lately. Cybers ecn problem -as per Dustin-was incredible yesterday-I think 3 were down-- so there's big problems there. In the past I have had the problem you describe--I got the same answers after extensive investigation--uunet-whatever--but not in quite a while.
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    Dustin can you fill us in on your Watley experience up to date--thanks
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