Cybertrader or IB?

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  1. I am leaving HF trading world to trade own + FAF money; read and hear both good and bad about the two. Plan to trade equities, futures and options, both seem to be able to do it on one platform, accounting a statements seem a little clearer on IB. IB also offers clean cross margin, so that futures and stocks can be traded from one account, while at Cybertrader i believe i would have to open and fund two separate accounts. Please give feedback on these and any other topics. Thanks
  2. anyone?
  3. ib is cheaper, faster and more oriented to pros. and smart routin' is what makes ib stand out. of course that 0.005 a share also it's pretty much unbeatable.
    ib also recently introduced penny options pricin' and as far as i know it's the only broker doin' it.
  4. is it reliable enough? what about all these problems posted here?
  5. well, there are some issues i have to admit. but that's also cuz most of us eters have at least an acct with 'em and thus they get much more attention. cyber may have its probs also but u wont hear about it cuz nobody here uses 'em. still, as far as my experience goes it really hasnt affected much my tradin' over the yrs aside couple of missed transactions and a few losses that could have been avoided but pretty much happy so far.
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    Does anyone know if Cyber has account setups like the Family and Friends accounts that IB has.

    I personally like Cyber's customer service and am willing to put up with paying a bit more.
  7. you really should open an account at both brokers.......IB is so far superior to cyber, but your own experience will be the best decision tool for you
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    No Family and Friends account at Cybertrader. Need to open two separate accounts if you want to trade all three: 1 for stocks and options, and 2nd account for futures. IB is more diversified, faster executions, and lower commissions. I like Cybertrader because of its Cybertrader Pro platform, great service, very reliable, tells me immediately if and how many shortable shares are there per stock, and being part of large financially stable company.
  9. Cyber is more old school . Highly reliable and about as cheap as IB for stocks.

    IB is more new school and is more oriented towards offering a complete platform that provides seamless trading across derivatives and equities.
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    To do all you listed, Ib is superior to Cyber.

    Execution, short list, world futures access, commish, all better with Ib.

    Yes, the interface can at times be spastic, but that is part of the biz. Just about every broker/data feed Ive used has had a problem at one time or another.

    Plan for it and be prepared and the chances of a serious blow to your wallet is practically nil.
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