Cyberpower PC?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bandit77, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Anyone have recent experience with a PC from Cyberpower? I'm thinking of buying one from, but some reviews noted reliability issues. Anyone use a Cyberpower for trading?
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    Why waste the cash when you can get a Dell or as HP. PC's are PC's. Don't get suckered into the BS!
  3. Because cyberpower is cheaper than dell for the configuration I want.
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    cyberpower is fine if you are computer savvy

    cheaper than anywhere else online

    took longer for pc to arrive than i expected but the pc has worked fine

    (i installed operating system so cant comment on that)
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    Then why ask a dumb question?
  6. I asked about reliability, not price. why do you care?
  7. Thanks IceTea. They seemed to give you the most choices in what goes into the PC too.
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    Well considering all the products sent to manufactures are the same duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  9. get lost idiot...
  10. It seems that they do have the best deal around. If I were in the market for new PC I would surely give them a call. My advice to you is:

    1. Get their Core 2 duo machine - it does not cost all that much more than Pentium D but it is well worth the extra $$$.

    2. Select the one that offers free shipping (that puts $65 in your pocket)

    3. Get Windows XP pro with free vista upgrade ... this way you could use most trading appl. and in the future when Vista is stable and bug free, upgrade for free.

    4. Do not overload on RAM - 1 gig with XP is enough. Also, in a year or two you will get the same RAM for half the price, and installing ram is super easy, you can do it yourself.

    5. Do not overload on non trading related junk. The less bells and whistles you have the less chance of the rig breaking down on you.

    6. The $$$$ you save on this PC invest in a nice 24" monitor. Yes I said 24" not 22". Check both of them closely and you will see the difference.

    Happy trading!!!!!!!!!!:D :D
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