Cyberlibertarians out there?

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  1. any cyberlibertarians out there? technopagans? hippies? dead heads? looking to talk finance and politics and spirituality.
  2. Overnight


    You never learned the basic rule of life. Never talk about politics or religion.

    Cyberlibertarians? Technopagans? Good grief, I weep for the future.
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  3. NeoTrader


    That's not the basic rule of life. That's the basic rule of totalitarian regimes (which are always a product of politics and/or religion).:)
    And the people that are a part of one group of another like to say that there is such a rule either because they want to impose their beliefs on others(by shutting others up) or because they know they are full of shit and don't want to get to the point where they have to face that fact by being questioned by others, or both.:D

    People who think and analyse life through logic and reason have no problem discussing any subject whatsoever.;)
  4. Xela


    Technopagans, yes: Jenny Calendar is a member of ET (just as you'd expect?). She doesn't post much at weekends, but may see your thread tomorrow ... [​IMG]
  5. Overnight


    On the contrary, it becomes a basic rule when one has lived a long-enough life and has had enough discussions with other people about those topics that one realizes that nothing is ever gained by talking about them, and it just leads to pain. Terrible pain.

    I guess you have not spoken about it as deeply and as thoroughly with others to realize that it is best left unspoken about. Keep it all to yourself. This is the true spiritual side of things.

    Was trying to save others here a great deal of lost productivity in life, because no matter how badly the intellect wants to confront the issues (EGO), the truth is that talking about it all doesn't do anybody any good. The energy is better spent being creative, not combative.

    Look at history.
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    Hey there Xela, was about to send you a PM, but since you're here...I'm off to make a batch of Toll-House™ cookies while watching Aliens. Just thought I'd mention it. Cookies, aliens, etc...heheh!
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  7. NeoTrader


    Others may choose to participate or not... Just like any other thread. You seem too concerned with the "well being" of other people that you have never met...That's highly suspicious.:rolleyes:

    Let others decide of they want to participate or not... Who are you to say what anyone else should talk about or not?;)

    Even the owner of the site recognizes that, by creating a section on the forum specifically for these subjects.

    About your "guess" about me, it is exactly just that: a baseless guess. You don't know who I am and I am not the subject here.:D
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    Was just trying to save you agita there man, no personal affronting meant. Peace.
  9. Xela


    It's kind of you to think of me in this context.

    To be honest, though, I'm still stuffed with Qag’aq tal-‘un’lien (K̶l̶i̶n̶g̶o̶n̶ Maltese delicacy).[​IMG]
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  10. NeoTrader


    Like I said, there's no need to... We're all "big boys" here...;)
    Indeed.. Peace... It's just people talking... No need worry or get agitated about it...:)
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