CyberCorp Data Feed\Qchart Problems

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by blueem, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. blueem


    Is anyone using the CyberCorp data feed? Can you tell me what type of success you are having with it?

    I am using QCharts and it has been terrible lately.

    Also, has anyone had problems borrowing shares to short at CyberCorp? Lately, every time I want to short JNPR and CIEN, there are no shares to borrow.
  2. Cyber is really wierd on shorts. The secret is to just hog them. If you submit a list of all the shares you want at the beginning of trading, you can set aside 5-10k of everything by 8:20. That way you always have shares. I guess it sux for everyone who doesn't know about this though cause by the end of the day, there are no shares of anything good left if they are in short supply. Cyber's data feed is hit or miss. Usually their t/s is fine, but they often loose an ecn or 3 a day for as much as an hour, and you don't have it's order book. Their charting is usually pretty good, but goes out every other week for a few mins to an hour. It all is hit or miss honestly. I don't think jnpr and cien will be in short supply as much anymore. The shorts have taken it hard this last week.
  3. thomas


    I'm about fed up with QCharts also. I don't know what kind of problem they are *continuously* having on their server farms, but it always seems to get overloaded during first & last couple hours of trading. Last couple of weeks or so, I see that the charts and quotes are sometimes up to 2 minutes old! You simply cannot trade with this kind of lag. I know the problem is not the connection speed on my end because during evenings and weekends, it works fine. It only wacks during high volume hours. If anyone knows any dependable stock quote/chart service, *please* let us know.
  4. blueem


    To praetorian2

    How do you submit your list of shorts? Do you send a message through the trading software (e.g. use Send Message from within CyberX2)?

    QCharts was horrible again today. It's now 10:07 AM MST and I still can't pull new charts. This is well after the Fed announcement.
  5. bro59


    QCharts is clearly oversubscribed. The company uses a rental data feed and is not interested in the increased costs associated with widening the pipe. Much of their customer service is lip service, assuming you can even reach a real live set of lips.

    That said the service is certainly very inexpensive and could serve as a good back-up to your primary quote source.