Cybercorp Chart Problems?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by blueem, Jan 17, 2001.

  1. blueem


    I have been demo-ing the CyberTrader simulator and have been having problems with the chart feed. The simulator pulls quotes just fine, but the charts haven't worked 75% of the time. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I called CyberCorp and they said they have been having problems for the past few days. They also were having problems today because of a "fast market" - their words.

    Would it be better to use CyberX for access to their extensive execution and something like QCharts for quotes and charting? Would RealTick and MB be a better combo?

    As long as I am asking, it seems that there are problems with almost all brokers and quote feeds. Is there a "best of breed" setup available.

  2. papaborya



    The fact that you had problems with the charts using Cyber's demo does not mean their real platform had problems the same day. They might have had some problems due to the 'fast market', but that would be an exception, definetely not 75% case. The charts almost never work whenever I try using their demo, but in real life I recall may be a couple of times a week or so when there was something wrong, which is usually fixed in a matter of minutes.
  3. to: Blueem

    I am having the same problems w/ cybertraders simulator that you mentioned. It is really annoying. I dont have an answers for the problem, but I wish they would fix it. I cant believe they would expect people to open an account w/ $10,000.00 based on a simulator that wont ever give you the charts you request.Is this the kind of service we can expect from Cybercorp. once an account is open? I dont know about you but I need those charts,when I request them.
  4. blueem


    Here is a response I received from CyberCorp:

    During market hours the charts remain active and constantly update. The simulator may every now and then have issues with certain windows, including the charts. The software is run off a completely different server which is much more reliable.

    I have gone ahead and funded an account with them. I am waiting to receive my password to begin trading. We'll see if the "live" server is more reliable than the simulator.

    Do you CyberCorp users out there find the charts in CyberTrader adequate? If not, are you getting a separate feed from, say, QCharts?
  5. biglug


    your problem may be your computer, i had the same problem at home but the program worked at the office, the reason was the RAM of my home computer. make sure you have an adequate system to run the demo on.
  6. rfoulk


    I've been using Cybertrader for about a year now. The
    current software fails often, usually several times per day.

    I subscribed to QCharts in December as a backup. QCharts
    is so much more reliable. It's funny how you can get used to using such poor stuff, like Cybertrader.

    Now Cyber is just my backup, in case QCharts has a problem.

    Cyber has so many different failure modes, but I think poor networking software is the core of the problem. Charts fail at the slightest sign of a network glitch.

    Good software recovers. Cybertrader does not. Many different failures require the software to be shut down and restarted.

    In contrast, this is almost never necessary with QCharts. Even if you have a full-on extended network outage, QCharts will recover when connectivity is restored.

    Cybertrader? Never.

    And when the outage starts QCharts will let you know! Cyber will sometimes go blank, and sometimes is will just freeze up -- leaving you to wondering.

    I've worked in software development for many years, on lots of networking projects. I would never ship such a sorry product. It's not that hard to do it right.
  7. Dustin


    I've used CyberTrader for almost a couple years now and do not have nearly as many problems as you. Cyber's charts do occasionally blank out, but it never freezes completely.

    Stability may depend on how good your internet connection is.
  8. blueem


    As an update, I have subscribed to QCharts and am very happy so far. There are times that it loses the connection, but it appears to seek another one proactively.

    My setup right now is a 500MHz Dell with 256MB RAM running Win 2000 and a single 19" Samsung monitor. I have a ThinkPad networked with the Dell. Although currently modem-based, my SDSL line (786K/786K - Business Class) is supposed to be functional next week. If someone can tell me why Speakeasy/Covad can deliver SDSL and Qwest cannot, I would love to know the answer. They use the same copper and CO.

    The Dell is dedicated solely to trading and I have installed only CyberX (for QCharts), QCharts, Big Easy and PC Anywhere (required by CyberCorp). All of my personal apps, web browsing and email are installed on the ThinkPad. This separates any potentially destructive events(such as web-based Java applets) from the trading platform.

    I am subscribed to Live and have it running in a browser on the ThinkPad during the day. Seems to be a good deal for about $10 per month, but they run ads with some type of code that is causing intermittant problems.

    Now that I am "live" with CyberCorp, I have been able to gain access to my Penson account through the web. I am very happy with the site they provide and with the ability to download a QIF of my trades and import the file directly to Quicken. This is a tremendous timesaver.

    In addition to the above, I have been working with the Trade Prospector package. So far, the SR levels they provide seem to be reasonably accurate. These folks have been very responsive. They have answered any email questions within 12 hours with very extensive responses.

    There you have it. With the addition of a television permanently tuned to CNBC in the background, this is one person's DAT setup.

  9. papaborya



    If you want to know more about DSL, take a look at the, you'll get all the answers you need.
    Also one 19" monitor does not seem sufficient, just my 2 cents.