Cyber vs Realtick

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mmmarkus, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. mmmarkus


    Looking to hear from anyone who has used both Cyber as well as Realtick for execution. I'm looking at either option and would like to hear any comments from traders who have used both.

  2. Ebo


    Cybertraders Platform Fees are obscene and their charts are just OK....not worth $249.
  3. Swish


    Cyber's data fees are waved if you trade > 50 trades / month.

    Don't you have to pay a data fee for RT usage? Might or might not be waived depending on why your RT broker is - right?

    I haven't used realtick, but most of the guys in a trading room I was recently part of did and they had their fair share of gripes about RT - mainly in stability and data feed issues. That said, I haven't used it and am not qualified to compare........
  4. I have been using RT since late 90's. I can count on one hand issues I have had with stability or data feed, and none in the past few years.

    My broker is TNT - they waive fees after so many trades: