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Discussion in 'Events' started by Andre, May 17, 2004.

  1. Andre


    Hey, folks...

    CyberTrader has some new chat software to test out. We're going to have a more informal session on Tuesday, May 18th, 1-2pm EST. The room will have voice a chat room and live graphics. We'd love to have some folks help us test it out.

    Stay tuned for more info...

  2. Andre


  3. Andre


    We're testing out the system now, would love some folks to stop on by, no cost...
  4. Had I seen this in time, I would have come...:( sorry.....
  5. Andre


    Their interface has some nice options, voice, of course, but also live charting. Essentially you can see the desktop of the guest speaker, so you can really see how their platform works. Or pull up a chart on the fly.

    We'll be testing it again, soon.

    Thanks to those who stopped in to offer comments!