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Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by RobtF, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. RobtF


    My daughter's laptop got infected with this virus that disguises itself as a security program to remove viruses! For $59.95!
    Every solution I've looked at so far calls for another security program purchase . I don't know what to trust.
    I understand this is a dangerous virus.
    Is there a way to remove for free? System Restore?
  2. Sanjuro


    I had to fix that problem for my dad before.
    1. Download on a clean machine (Free Home Version)
    2. Move over to infected machine with usb drive
    3. Install SuperAntiSpyware
    4. Run Complete Scan

    Everything should be back to normal afterwards.

    Microsoft has a new free Antivirus you can use which got pretty good reviews I read.
  3. rwk


  4. GTS



    OP: You should post the name of the virus to get more specific recommendations on how to remove it; by chance is it AntiVirus 2009?
  5. RobtF


    Thanks, Security_Essentials zapped Trojan:Win32/FakeXPA. One other well knowm anti-vrus prgm did not.
  6. zdreg


    what is the purpose of step1 & 2 ?
  7. Sanjuro


    Some malware prevents you from accessing antivirus websites from the browser by redirecting you to a different website or blocks your internet completely.

    The first two steps avoids this.