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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Splat, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. Splat



    I was trying to understand the Level II using Cyber Corp
    trading simulator. Using WCOM I am able to go long
    1000@4.00 even though the best ask is 8.91. Also I can
    now sell those shares at 18.00 even tho the best bid is 8.98.
    How is this possible? I realize that I am using the simulator
    and that in the real world I can only buy if there is a seller
    and sell if there is a buyer..

    Appreciate some light on this :)


  2. Htrader

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    The cybertrader simulator does not take into account price when executing your trade. Meaning that you can basically enter any price and there is a fixed probability that your order will be filled. The simulator is just for you to get familiar with the software and isn't meant for simulated trading.
  3. Splat



    I see ok thanks for your help. I had read that the cybercorp
    simulator was the most realistic. WHat I had read of Level II
    was contrary to what I had experienced using the simulator.
    What you say makes sense.