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  1. MBT Navigator looks cool. Cyber has there APIs that allows the developer to write their executions into any GUI, meaning that how many Level II boxes and the overall look and feel is up to the developer. You could even write your own charts from what I understand.

    Has anybody had any experience with the Cyber APIs?
  2. gwb-trading


    I have both emailed and called Cyber trying to get these
    APIs (including applying on their webpage to no avail).
    I am interested in creating my own charting programs
    (pattern recognition in multiple timeframes in realtime)
    if I can get my hands on the API... that's the story.
    BTW.. I am a SW geek and have programmed for
    15+ years.

    - Greg
  3. gwb,

    I also submitted the request via their website and got no response. I finally called their API support and spoke with Sergio. He immediately emailed me the relevant agreements that must be signed in order to receive the API material. As soon as I've reviewed them, I'm supposed to fax the signed copies back and the API info will be emailed immediately to me. I'll probably send it in on Monday.

  4. gwb-trading


    Thanks for the feedback. I will try the same route.

    - Greg