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  1. Chop chop. Wash out. Whipsaw. One step forward, three steps back. Lower the boom. To catch a falling knife. The only bottom is the one you're wiping. Slash and burn. Whatever is 'cheap' can always get 'cheaper.' It's different this time. Even the smart money is getting crucified. Sandisk is one of the most dangerous stocks to trade, ever. AK steel is at what? what? Texas Instruments is at what? what? Caterpillar is at what? what? US Steel is at what? what? FCX is at what? what? Crude oil is at what? what? GOLD is at what?

    Batten the hatches. This is insanity.

    No asset class is immune from damage.

    There Is No Safe Harbor.

    Cover Your Asses.
  2. Yawn.
  3. You watch DX? +13% since july
  4. GS gave a "strong buy" upgrade to CYA recently. :cool: