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  1. Anyone here trade with them good experiences? Thinking about opening an account with them.
  2. Yep... they're a good firm.

    never had a problem. seems to be a bunch of guys who actually trade too - so they're on the level.

    best of luck.
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    how about now, anyone trading with them?
  4. Do a search. They are operating an unregulated and unregistered broker dealer. These firms are actively being shut down by the SEC and traders are losing their money and having it tied up in receivership for months. STAY AWAY.
  5. If you're a US trader, stick with a firm that requires a series 56 and SEC registration. There is more oversight and these firms are generally better capitalized
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    I would actually stick with a firm that requires a 7 like Bright or Echo as they would have much greater capital than any CBSX firm requiring the 56 and the 7 actually has value beyond the prop world.
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    Guys, could you give me a website of Echo?
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    Google shows some different variants.
    Don,why does Echo require only 10 000 and yours the demand is 20 000?
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