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    anyone know why cygroup blotter is down...this is BS, cant see if I have any money left or where my money is? Are they being shut down? ??????

    they arent answering their phones and I want to withdraw my money.

    i even emailed, no response there either
  2. lol if you are with them you would know they have a different withdrawal page and they don't clear through genesis anymore...and they just never updated their site with the new blotter from the new clearing firm. Genesis is no more they are sts now. which was announced to their traders many times last year. and we always complain to them that they need to update their website :)
  3. Thats funny i know for fact genesis is no more and they don't even clear through them. I know 2 friends that are backed by them and I just asked them online and they use different blotter. Who uses genesis blotter anyways . Guess they should update their site.
  4. What's the link to the new blotter? Seems very fishy to me.
  5. I warned everyone in this post that the SEC was cracking down on unregistered BDs. I even mentioned 3 firms: Cy, Paramount, and Epiphany.

    Paramount was shut down, Ephiphany is on life support (stopped pumping their firm here and stopped being a sponsor), and now CY appears finished. Hopefully traders there will get their money back....but doesn't look good if they aren't even answering the phones.
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    As of this past Dec, they are going thru the process of getting CBSX registered.
  7. I highly doubt that. What proof do you have of this? Why are their phones and blotters down for a month?

  8. can anyone confirm if they are still operational?
  9. Anyone trading with an unregistered broker dealer like this is asking for trouble. And I called the CBSX a couple weeks ago and they did NOT confirm they have applied. Please call the CBSX yourself to verify. There are a lot of CBSX firms out there that allow you to sleep at night not worrying that your firm will be the next Tuco.
  10. ya, I don't trade with them anymore. I do however have a little amount of money left in my account that I would like to take out.
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