Cy group online?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by worthytwo, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. worthytwo


    Has anyone traded remote prop with these guys? are they a reputable firm? thanks.

    They told me:"When choosing a firm commissions are not everything. We have a very good reputation and our trade support is top notch."

    But when I google it, I can't find any thing useful.
  2. i have used them for a while now so i think i have fair assessment.

    positives: withdrawals painless, submit form online, very quick. Support is good, i probably only called the trade desk 3 or 4 times, but everytime they pick up right away. When i first started got overbilled commissions by accident, got taken care of right away. also they give 20% discount for esignal.

    negatives: minimum deposit 5K, won't accept anything less. also their CA office is used mainly for accounting and trade support, i don't think its open doors for traders. Laser charting sometimes bugs the heck of me.

    but overall i agree with what they told you.
  3. worthytwo


    thank you,guy , that does help me.
  4. newguy1


    They are alrite, provide good leverage and support. i am waiting to see if they will come out with futures.
  5. i know they offer FX to its traders, heard the platform is forextrader. didn't know about futures, that is good news.

    recently i been getting booted about 1 hour before the close in the cy group chatroom. anyone experiencing this. i don't realize this until i'm about to write something in the chat.


    I've just started with them in the past month for equities.
    So far I have been pleased with them.

    The tech and trade support have been extremely helpful setting me up properly.

    Any feedback from anyone on their forex trading?