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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ddaytrader, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. For those who currently are or have in the past traded with Cy Group, what is/was your experience with receiving profit draws and with the return of your risk deposit?

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    Their account opening process is a bit long and slow, but i think they have a good name in these forums. I have just opened an account and yet to fund it. So my experience ends there.
  3. You can request a withdrawal from their website. You will receive your check as fast as USPS can deliver to you or you can opt to receive a wire. A painfree process.
  4. I traded with them a few years ago. Overall a good experience. Considering opening up another account with them if i can ever get rid of the day job.

    The only not positive experience is that when trying to learn Laser they went over it really really fast and were kinda rude. So I had to learn it myself. Not a problem all I cared about was trading not looking for a friend.

    Got money on time and statements matched etc... I would definitely recommend them.

  5. I also traded with Cy in the past. Never had any problems. Operation seems very sound and organized. Chat room forum is
    a good resource for trades. As good as any of the pro firms out there that require series 7 in my opinion.
  6. they require a series 7???
  7. No they dont I called them today.

    How can they get away with that?
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    Do they allow you to trade at their office? What are your monthly fees for data/software? Is laser good in itself, or is additional charting/data software needed? thanks