Cvtx Strong Buy

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  1. I think CTVX is a strong buy here. Target price is $36 a share.

    take a peak. Only problem is the 200 MA. Up 20% in the past 10 days, but we should sell a hell of a lot more upside potential soon.
  2. Anyone think the 200dma is gonna pose a problem for Monday ?
  3. Possible Breakout here. Some institutional buying as well.

    Hope to see this stock doubled by the end of the year.

    Lots of good news here. Do your own research.

    Just giving you all a good possible stock.

    Stock Turder might like this one, its a buy and hold
  4. Stock is a complete crapshoot at this level. I don't think its a buy at the current level of 10.76. Short term I see it going back to single digits. With that said, it probably shoots up since my biotech plays have sucked this year. GL with it!
  5. I am examining the behavior of an exponential moving average mechanical trading system using historical price data of CV Therapeutics, Inc. stock symbol CVTX. Price data begins 19 November 1996 ends 14 June 2007. Position size = (3 % of equity) / (10 x 20 day average true range). This system buys when closing price is greater than the 90 day exponential moving average value and sells when closing price is less than the 90 day exponential moving average value.

    The system does not show a buy signal now. I observe the most recent sell signal 26 January 2007.

    Lots of different exponential moving average values show profitable results by this trading simulation. The greatest profit of the exponential moving average values that I examine appears at 90 days.

    Dollar position size is about 10 % to 20 % of capital. About 80 to 90 % of capital remains as cash, available for other trades. Growth rate of about 14 % represents growth of initial $ 100000 account. Other securities can add to the overall growth rate. The greatest draw down might decrease as a result of the portfolio effect.


    2007-01-22 OHLC:[ 14.43 14.43 14.43 14.43 ] buy 14.43 size 3841
    Dollar Position Cost is 55425.63
    2007-01-26 OHLC:[ 13.79 13.79 13.79 13.79 ] sell 13.79
    Position Net Gain Or Loss is -2458
    Subtotal profit $ 151688

    Number of trades 52
    Total profit $ 151688
    Profit after subtracting $ 10.00 commission, slippage per transaction: $ 150648
    Heat is 3.00 per cent of equity.
    Greatest draw down is 0.1101 (11.01 per cent).
    Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is 14.54 per cent.
    CAGR / Drawdown is 1.32
    Instantaneously Compounding Annual Growth Rate (ICAGR) is 8.87 per cent.
    Annually Compounding Annual Growth Rate (ACAGR) is 9.27 per cent.
    Information Ratio is 0.12
    Initial capital is $ 100000
    Uses 20 period average true range to calculate position size
    Long trades only
    Growth rates are calculated after subtracting commission & slippage.


    A pile of money

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    is not always valuable to me.
  6. Tuke


    HNS - Could you please write that last post in English? I'm still very new at all of this and after reading it to myself I decided you must be Charlie Brown's teacher.
  7. up to $12.06 after hours.

    Lookin' good for Monday
  8. It's been down since you recommended it.

  9. Negative
  10. You recommended it and it dipped right after. Now it's back up.
    How do you come up with a $36 target is my question.
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