CVS busted again for selling expired junk

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  1. I thought 7-11 was the only chainstore to do "that" with junk food. :cool:
  2. As I always say it is all about the money. It seems no business looks at long term reputation earned from honest operations and customer relations. Rather they focus on anything that makes a quick buck.
  3. This may indicate issues of too much inventory and / or sluggish sales.
    Something is broken in their inventory logistics.
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    I'm looking to go long CVS. I just hope for more bad stories like this to break down the price.
  5. reports CVS will discontinue sales of the company's alkaline batteries early next year. The national drug store chain will still offer customers lithium batteries produced by Energizer Holdings (ENR), but the move comes as CVS and other retailers narrow the variety of products they sell. "After testing various options in the battery category in a number of stores, we found that our customers responded best to an offering which included a single 'national brand' alkaline, plus Energizer lithium and our own private label batteries," a spokeswoman said. CVS said it decided to sell Procter & Gamble Co's (PG) Duracell alkaline batteries and would continue to sell Energizer lithium batteries in all of its stores.
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    Consumers should take some responsibility for checking the expiration date on the products they buy. The expiration date is stamped on the product and it is easy to read and understand.

    However, if prescription drugs are sold after expiration, then criminal charges should be bought against CVS. The consumers are not shown the expiration date on the drugs located behind the pharmacy counter, so they do not know.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but considering that a large population of prescription patrons are elderly, and suffer from many ailments: ranging from reduced cognitive abilities to reduced visual impairment; I don't think the burden should be put on them.

    They are partially paying for service. One such service would be meeting legal requirements, and not putting customer's health in jeopardy.

    Although, in addition I agree with your 2nd point. As they do not have access to the bottles the prescription are sourced from. Who knows if the transferred bottles contain the same date. It's like the major chain butchers who got busted on 20/20 for changing the dates on meat products; your trust is in their hands.

    If they put this on major news headlines or magazine covers (instead of tiger)-- maybe then the elderly will get a chance to see what's happening and take their business elsewhere. Will it happen? Doubtful.

    P.S. They just took over the major retail pharmacy chain--longs drugs, and from my perspective it looks like they turned it from a respectable appearance to a dollar thrift store. Don't expect CVS to go away any time soon.
  8. cvs is a total ripoff company... never have advertised sale items in stock/////////////total scammer operation
  9. Walk across the street to the Walgreen's instead. :cool:
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