CVI shares joined to the tender offer

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    There is already a topic about when the stock was trading at a discount to the tender offer (@30 dollars) after the expiration of the first two offers.
    Now, that the share's trading @43 dollars, I would be interested if you could share your view about Icahn's next move regarding those whose have joined their shares to the tender offer @30 dollars in April-May 2012.
    Do you think that he will try the keep its stake for more than 15 months to avoid to paid the contingency?

    "But in any event, as a result of the contingent value rights, if the company is sold for more than $30 per share within the next 15 months, holders tendering during the subsequent offering period will receive not only an immediate $30 in cash per share but also the difference between $30 and the price at which the company is sold."
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    I've missed the interview of Icahn on bloomberg tv before the close today, did he say something new about CVI?