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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Jan 2, 2004.

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    agree, I'm humbled everytime I enter a trade. ET should have an icon for wiping the sweat off your brow. :)
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  2. Here are my thoughts on this. Yes there are tons of snake oil salesman in this business. The trading business focuses on pushing one product. That product is money. Dollar and a dream should be the motto of most people offering seminars and writing books. However "Lotto" has a copyright on the saying. Now with that said let me play the other side of the argument. Would you say that Tiger Woods is not a successful golf player because he endorses Nike? Would us say Jerry Seinfeld is not a successful comedian because he endorses American Express? Would you say that John Madden is not a good football announcer because he puts he name on EA sports Games? I can go on and on with these examples until your head explodes. What this tells you is that most people who are successful in todays culture will most times push products or write books etc for only one reason. That reason is THEY WANT MORE MONEY!. Is this a terrible thing? No it is not. Its up to you to aware and weed out the weeds from the flowers. However, I agree that on EliteTrader it is many times the case that most people here can't trade to save their life. However what you find on ET is that most people here want to talk about how well they are doing but nobody ever puts up their trading records for anybody to see. Now If I were to join a site that offered trading advice I would want it to be educational, profitable, andmost of all offer a free trial. From that I could ascertain whether the person running the site was someone who had a successful trading plan and was offering profitable trading ideas. If that turned out to be the case then I might be willing to invest some time and money with them to have another pair of eyes generating me some extra trading ideas. Good Luck all.
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    Nope. I guess he and I dont run in the same circles.
    As for how much money I make well .... thats none of your business.

    One thing to keep in mind is that there are many more successful people that dont need to be boastful and public about their winnings and that there are many people full of hot air that feel the need to tell everybody how great they are .... I take these people for what they are and am not fooled by people that are primarily salespeople which in my book are a dime a dozen ....
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    You might want to pick up a little old book called "Market Wizards". I am shocked that you don't know he is. He is only one of the biggest players in the options business in the last two decades. You must run around in a very small circle. LOL.
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    Yes a small but very profitable circle .... no need for Mr. Salibas input or marketing efforts here .....
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  6. Thanks,
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    Cal, I am not sure what you are trying to say by this. Are you questioning trading result I posted? Your other posts hint that you do. Maybe I misunderstood you - sorry if that's the case.
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  8. Threei, no need to take every post to heart, this is ET.. known for having some good people and some not so good ones. Not referring to anyway specific, but generally this is true.

    When are you guys giving us a seminar or some educational posts? A lot of people would show interest.

    50 in da house
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    I don't, really. Just trying to understand the logic of sequence:

    A: those that write books/run services cannot trade
    B: here I am, author/mentor/profitable trader, ready to show the proof
    A: you are bad anyway


    I guess one could say I am not too good student of a market if I still am trying to find the reason and logic :)

    Also, I guess I don't appreciate being called a liar - if that's what was implied. Hope it wasn't.

    As for seminar, we exchanged with Baron on this a while ago, he expressed willingness to set the chat when there is a window between paying advertisers. We are ready if/when such window appears.

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    look forward to it.
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