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  1. And THAT is (imho) a small but important "part" of the so-called illusory holy grail of trading...

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    I mean really think about it. Those of you who trade for a living and make good money know the answer. How many people have SOROS seminars, or VIC, or many more traders that fly below the radar that many do not know about. Sure, Soros and VIC wrote books. But no technical how to do "with my amazing system shit.", nor do they Travel around giving trading seminars.

    Im sure some successful traders give seminars, write "how to do books." but how successful are they? You will never know, and why would they like to teach or give seminars, because they are lonely. GIVE ME A BREAK.

    my motto is FLY BELOW THE RADAR....who cares about making ur self known. The less attention, the better. I am suspect of all those who write how to do books, who give lectures at trading seminars, who say "with my amazing system" you to can .......

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    First of all, I don't have any praise for that Socialist pig Soros and Vic, well, Vic has blown up far too many times for my taste.

    I mentioned Saliba's name before and I will mention it again. Here is a guy that is probably worth 50 to 100 million. I have no idea just taking a wild guess. He has dedicated almost all his time now to his school the International Trading institute. He has also written books and done seminars and tapes and all that stuff. Why does he do it. I don't know the man so I can't answer for him. My guess is he just loves to trade and he loves to get involved with people around him. He is not selling magic formulas, he is teaching you how to THINK!

    There are a lot of people like him especially at the CBOE. There are guys that made their money on the floor and now teach guys how to trade and then financially back them. They make a lot of money doing this and they get a lot of satisfaction out of it.

    BTW, just to clear something up, I am not referring to the Wade Cooks of the world or the stuff you see on late night TV.
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  4. Makes sense to me. If you're lonely, you can always find other outlets such as non-related hobbies, church, sports, charitable activities, etc. Heck, you can even post on elite trader once in a while!

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  5. OK, we understand there are many other things we can do, and I love to do many other things. But how are you going to do them during RTH? Church, sports, charities - While you're trading? Give me a break.

    I'm talking about beating the walls falling down on you during slow times. Entertainment.
    So, why not have a chat room? Why not teach others to beat the boredom?
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    :eek: IDEA!! have a chat room, post your trades and have everyone clamoring to join your 'buddy list'. Then during the dull times, write your book, authored by none other than "Scientist". $100 for the book would seem pricey except that the author is renowned for his success, therefore the book would be worth the price. Sweet.
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  7. I was referring to Brandon and other guru's. I am not a trading guru, and I don't have the trading style to support a chat room or the like, so there's no point.

    However, for those pro's who want to do it - fine. And for those who don't know, it's probably still a good way to make money, with all the dreamers out there looking for a grail. Or even particularly, since you'd actually financially need it if you weren't doing anything. Myself, I don't see why the hassle to start another business. Including my trading, I have two already. That's enough challenge & distraction for me, I don't need an internet site - or a book published - right now. I'd rather enjoy la dolce vita while it's still dolce. Besides, I agree with the notions of "flying under the radar screen".

    Doesn't mean you have to go sour on me, cdbern. What's your story?
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    Doesn't mean you have to go sour on me, cdbern. What's your story?

    Sour? Me? On you?? Naw, I just thought it would be a good idea. Should have put a few :) :D :) in there. Sorry you're so busy and don't see yourself as a guru. But then that's okay, as long as you're successful at whatever you're doing. I like to see humble successful people.

    P.S. If I was really sour on you.... there wouldn't have any doubt :)
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  9. Thanks cdbern. Your eek smile might have implied cynical intent. :)

    Yeah I agree on preferring humble successful people. The trouble is, the more successful you get, the harder it can be to stay humble. Though in most professions, lack of humility is only a social concern. In trading, this is a particularly deadly concern.
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    Ugh, I wouldn't worry about that... market has so many ways to remind us how small we really are :D :D

    If there is a pefect humbling mechanism this is probably it :)
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