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    I am going to start a journal where I attempt to profit from long-term moves in the markets. My basic technique is going to be very simple:

    1 If the market appears to be in a major uptrend, get long

    2 If it appears to be in a major downtrend, get short

    3 If the market is unclear or appears to be reversing trend, get flat

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
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    My initial task is to judge which markets are in major up or down trends. I do this by looking at a multi-year chart, then assessing the interplay between sentiment, price action, and dynamic fundamentals (i.e. not stuff that is clearly priced in already). E.g. a market where the price is moving up longer term, but which experiences extreme bearish sentiment at the lows of intermediate term corrections, then reverses, is behaving bullishly. A market which keeps surging to new highs whilst sentiment is broadly sceptical, is also bullish. A market which fails at major highs where sentiment is bullish, but then rapidly falls and makes major new lows, whilst sentiment remains bullish or in denial, is indicating a major downtrend, and so on.

    Secondly, once I have identified a major trend which I might be able to exploit, I have to decide when to enter the trend. You can make money by buying intermediate highs in long-term bull markets, but obviously that is much less profitable and more risky than buying short or intermediate-term lows in the same bull market. So, I will look to enter long-term bull moves during short/intermediate-term price weakness, and try to avoid heavy commitments when the short-term trend has already moved far and appears overextended, with excessive bullish sentiment and too many weak longs in the market. As a contingency in case I fail to enter on a correction low and the market starts to run away from me, I will enter on sustained new breakout highs, rather than remain flat while the trend continues without me. In addition, I will also exit temporarily if the market makes a major reversal signal.
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  3. You've got one of the most profitable strategy on this planet. :mad: :D
  4. As in, what's happening right now?
  5. Cutten


    That seems to be a good description of the US (and world) stockmarket at the moment, yes. I am not going to try and be a market pundit, but rather to observe how each market is behaving and act accordingly. Fundamentals & valuation may play some part, but the market action is always paramount.

    My next post will list markets I currently see as being in major uptrend or downtrend markets. I intend to focus on all major liquid world markets, including currencies, bonds, stock indices, short-term interest rate contracts, commodities, and FX. I invite people to make their own suggestions as to which markets are trending up or down, on an longer-term timeframe.
  6. OK - its a momentum strategy.

    Is this a system? Or is this discretionary?

    Are you only relying on the price of the underlying? Or will there be a concert of indicators? (eg volume, price of oil, number of dead birds in Central Park)