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  1. Who was able to short that?
  2. siki13


    Looks like someone drop a bomb there :)
  3. i caught the bounce for $3.50 and i caught $2.20 on ashort
  4. siki13


    How do you find the stock so fast to react for bounce?
  5. Where do you trade? I wasn't able to short it. :mad:
  6. i shorted at ib. you need to get a good scanner. i just had a friend program me one
  7. Ebo


    My proprietary Stock Scanner told me to short at $40.
    Should I cover yet?
  8. gszabo


    Are you using IB's scanning feature?
  9. didn't even no they had onefirst of all nothing tells you what to do. you msut be able to push the trigger. i actually shorted on the bounce from 28 to 36. man should ahve held its 29 now
  10. I know all things are possible, but my careful regression analysis of all postings indicates that 98.66 % of all posters are always on the right side of every wild ride, which means 1.34% of all traders are losing big big money.
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