Cut your electric bill

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  1. I got a little careless earlier this year and had an electric bill just under $700 for one month (400 to 500 average sometimes pushing 6), I heat with oil and only heat one room with electric, and I wasn't growing weed or anything, so I was quite Po'd.

    At any rate, I found this site:

    This guy is great.

    I tallied up last years usage for a baseline and decided to see what I could do. I figured I would set a goal to cut 20%. After 4 months I managed 16%. I did not put much effort into this.

    Shut off the shop lights which are older flourecsent and not energy efficient ballasts, installed the new compact low wattage bulbs (takes a little experiementing to see if you can handle the lighting difference. For the light in my office I may have to try a different fixture to get adequate light with the new bulbs.

    I watch the kids using the dryer, (35 cents a load is average) don't let the kids run the dryer 4evah.

    I asked them to be mindful of the time in the shower (hot water).

    Tough thing about electric bills, it is death by a thousand cuts. No one thing is big enough to knock off a chunk, it's the little things.

    Every month when the new bill comes, I search out more savings.

    Just mentioning this because. screw it, this wasn't that hard to do. once in a while I apply myself and get results.
  2. I don't use dryer either, unless I am in a hurry to dry my cloths.

    Also, place like kitchen doesn't need full lights at night. I just use the oven light bulb to keep the kitchen bright enough for usage--like gettig water or browsing the fridge, which I would do it several times a night.

  3. 700 and you heat with oil. wtf. i have an all electric 5000 sq ft house heated with a heat pump. i live where it gets cold all winter. my highest electric bill was $309 this winter. in the sumer my bills are like $120
  4. Energy costs range from $0.08/kwhr to $0.35/kwhr across America.

    What costs $150 in one region very well can be $600 in another region.

    And that's just electricity costs. In recent decades all sorts of scams in utilities have been put on bills.

    Electricity usage charge.
    Fuel charge.
    Readiness to serve charge.
    Special asessments for storm damage recovery charge.
    Tax on top of tax on top of tax, local, state, federal, and many others.
    And many other dreamed up charges.

    Read your bill and see how much is actually for electricity and how much goes to other "charges" and you'll be shocked.